Trusted Online Casinos

Trusted Online Casinos

First, I’ll admit I do like to do a little bit of online gambling from week to week. Usually online poker, though sometimes I will play some of the other games they have available. I have also been known to deal with online sports books from time to time. The other day, I sat down to read my email, and a reader had sent in what I thought was a very good question: How do you find the most trusted online casino sites?

Over the years, I have been frustrated by this very question. I am not immune to being scammed out of my winnings, or what I thought were my winnings. All online casino sites are quite easy deposit money with. This is something I have never had a problem with.

Collecting it on the other hand can often prove a time consuming hassle, and really you have no recourse under the law in the United States, or most western countries where online gambling is restricted. The most important fact you need to know before you decide to plunge into the exciting world of online gambling is, many of these casinos are not based in the states at all, but in places like Malta, the Cayman Islands, Maldives, etc. So I will reiterate you have no recourse under US law.

Choosing an Online Casino

Let’s now go over a few tips we have found helpful when choosing an online casino.

1.) Find out where the casino is licensed. The rules of this jurisdiction dictate the rules of the online casino. Some jurisdictions like Malta are in the European Union. Thus while their rules are different from the United States, they should be somewhat fairer to the winner, and it should be easier to get your money.

2.) Before placing any bets find out how you withdraw money. If you win, you want to be able to take your winnings out of the casino. These casinos are based on some of the best random number generation software there is, which means if you win once it was luck, and your odds of winning at the same game again that day are reduced. Some Casinos place limits on withdrawals, how much you can take at a time, and how many days it takes to get your winnings. If you win big you may have to take your winnings over months, rather than all at once because of these policies.

3.) Casino games are games of chance for a reason. Choose your spending limit or budget, for the week and stick to it. This is key to being able to continue to enjoy the casino experience for years to come.

4.) Live dealer vs Random number generators. Many online casino sites have both. Some are actually live video footage of the casino game, and the deck of cards is a real deck, dealt by a real person. So the experience is almost exactly like a casino. Thus if you don’t trust the random number generated games, this is probably a better option for you. And if you like a more real world casino like atmosphere this is probably better for you.

5.) Type the Casinos name into Google, and look for reviews. This will bring up a huge amount of feedback on the casino. A red flag would be no feedback, or exceedingly negative feedback. A low quantity of universally positive feedback is also not a good sign. Something rated 4.0-4.5 stars is likely legit, or 80-95%. There should be a bit of negative feedback.

6.) Lastly, if you are going to be playing often you need to choose a casino with a good rewards or bonus program. Read the terms and conditions of the bonuses before signing up to ensure the casino actually intend to pay it. These bonuses shouldn’t be impossible earn, rather they should be earned as a result of your continued loyalty to the service.

We will leave you with this, using these tips we very rarely find ourselves scammed anymore. Thus we enjoy, and when we win we take our earnings, because we practice responsible gambling. We set our budget and spend it, and our winnings; well we withdraw them and make sure we buy ourselves something nice. Have fun, be responsible, and most importantly be on the lookout for scam casino sites.