College Football Gambling Sites

College Football Gambling Sites

College football is American football played exclusively by students who are head hunted by universities, colleges and military academies. The same process also occurs in Canada for Canadian universities and colleges. The increase in popularity of college football is also responsible for the level of popularity that American football rules currently enjoy throughout the United States.

The NCAA does not allow college football players to be paid a salary like their full NFL brethren, but instead they are compensated in the form of scholarships which pay for their tuition, housing and books. With 1057 teams comprised of 3 divisions, there is plenty to keep sports betting enthusiasts occupied.

Popular College Football Gambling Sites

The Las Vegas college football season has plenty of action for NCAA enthusiasts to lay down a few wagers on, due to the sheer volume of games on offer. The College Regular Season starts in late August, while the College Bowl Season starts in late December. The BCS (Bowl Championship Event) was developed prior to the 1998 games season in order to ensure there was a matchup between the top two teams and to correct a flaw in the almost 100 year old traditional bowl system. Since then the BCS has become the sport’s pinnacle event.

Starting in mid-December and playing through to January and a week beyond New Year’s Day, the college football season climaxes with a series of more than 30 games. The purpose of these games is to crown a national champion, reward and recognize teams for their efforts, and generally put the sport on display to the public.