High Limit Roulette

High limit roulette is an interesting game and follows a typical roulette protocol, pick up the stake, lay the wager and then spin wheel. Stakes and multiple bets are possible in the game and one can wager from one dollar upwards. The game overall renders a sophisticated, exciting casino experience.

At first, the roulette game may appear extremely simple, but it is not the case actually. This is a casino game of more than just chance in choosing the right color or number, it is all about having apposite knowledge to boost up one’s odds against house. While one can immensely improve his odds in roulette game, it is still considered as a ‘game of luck’ and sure probabilities are hugely in the favor of house. However, it does not mean that one cannot win or have fun, it only signifies that one should not fall for the propaganda of individuals who claim that they have winning formula. As a matter of fact, the game of roulette is one of oldest casino games and is still exciting even today as the playing ball gets closer to ‘lucky number’ where it is going to land.

Table etiquette

Every game in casino has own rules or etiquettes and it is imperative to stick to the instructions so that one does not upset any other candidate at table or does something unintentionally to cause the room to escort him out.

There is a definite amount of time candidates are permitted to lay wagers on tables. In between the spins of ‘roulette wheel’, the dealer permits mostly a minute to put bets. The participant can carry on placing bets when deal spins ‘wheel’, but as soon as he raises his hand and announces ‘no more bets’, all participants must stop betting immediately and wait for balls to land in slot.

Then, the dealer will put a ‘marker’ on the table number that matches to the number where ball landed. He will then collect all losing bets and after that, winning stakes will be given to correct odds. After the removal of market from table, the entire process begins again with participants being permitted to start betting. At any time, if any player touches his chips when stakes are being paid or removed, the casino room will escort him out.

Important tips

Though it is not necessary, it is a good idea to ‘tip’ the dealer. While dealers are there to ensure the game of roulette runs effortlessly, by tipping them one makes certain that they go extra miles to help him out. For 9 to 10 spins of wheel, one can tip them $1 or 2 or incase the players are playing at high limit roulette, they can tip accordingly.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to be considerate and polite to participants around. One should make bets freely, but be mindful at the same time not to unintentionally knock over other player’s chips. Above all, high limit roulette is an exciting and fun game, particularly when ball lands upon one’s color or number.