USA Gambling Sites

USA Gambling Sites


Nowadays online gambling tradition has become much popular across the world. Trillions of dollars are spent annually on all traditional sports like football, basketball, hockey, baseball and UFC etc. There are only a number of highly regarded US betting sites present and we are here to suggest you, after studying, some of the best gambling websites and bookmakers to put your bets. Let’s have a look on some casino and poker sites.

The UIGEA and Sports Betting

The word UIGEA stands for Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. In UIGEA, ‘A’ stands for Act which does not particularly deal with sports betting. Though, it is quite different from sports betting, Federal Government states sports betting illegal. However, there was some confusion that how could sports betting be against federal law whereas horse betting is totally legal. Horse betting attracts people and appreciated but sports betting is illegal even when it attracts more people and involves much large sum of money.

Deposits Options for US Betting

If there is anything carried out by UIGEA, it will surely cause some disturbance at the time of deposits. The large part is, depositing against sports books by credit card was really very difficult after the introduction of the UIGEA access. On the other hand, innovative US betting sites play a great role in finding different ways for US players to access credit card deposits in the simplest way.

Is Sports Betting lawful in the US?

If we are talking technically, it is true that US online betting is not lawful and this credit goes to old law that was made in 1961 for the Wire Act. In actual fact, internet wasn’t there until 1969. Apart from this, there are large number of sports books and betting sites in the USA prepared to supply the USA market which was created early 1990’s.

Are there any arrests for Sports betting?

This is not seen until now where people been arrested, whereas, there have been some actions of accusing done by workers and possessors of sports betting sites. David Carruthers case was highlighted that time and he got arrested just after landing the US. The question was why David took risk coming to the US even when he knew about the accusation. Because of this allegation, more or less, all online sports betting operation are done out of the country. Smart owners never try to come in the US as they already know the indictment.