For the purpose of better serving those that are concerned with regards to how PII or Personally Identifiable Information is being used online, this privacy policy is therefore compiled. This PII is being used in US privacy law as well as information security wherein it refers to the information that could be used on its own or along with some other information for different purposes. It will include identifying, locating or contacting a single person as well as to identify a certain individual within a context. Consider careful reading of our privacy policy in order to get clear understanding of whether how we are to collect, use as well as protect or otherwise handle the PII or Personally Identifiable Information according to our official website.

When is information to be collected?

Information will be collected from you once you register into our website or you are to enter information into our official website.
How will be the information collected used?

We might consider using the collected information from you in many ways. It could be once you are to register, to make certain purchase, to sign up for the newsletter, to surf the site, to respond to a certain survey or marketing communication or to use certain other site features in numerous ways like the following:
• Personalizing the experience of the user and allowing us to provide the type of content as well as product offerings wherein you are definitely interested the most.
• Improving our site as for the purpose of better serving you.
• Allowing us to better cater to your needs or to your customer service requests.
• Administering promotion, survey, contest or some other features of the site.

How visitor information is protected?

There is an assurance that our website is being scanned on a regular basis as for security holes and also some known vulnerabilities allowing you to have a safe visit into our website. We are making sure that the information you will provide into our site is protected and so will not be used to put you in risks.

We are to use regular malware scanning as well. The personal information you have provided will be contained behind secured networks. This will only be accessible through limited number of individuals having special access rights into the said systems and they are as well mandate to keep the given information confidential. Along with that, all the credit and sensitive information you will provide to us will be encrypted through the use of SSL technology or the Secure Socket Layer.

In addition, we are to implement wide options as security measures wherein the user would enter, access or submit information in maintaining safety of the personal information. All of the transactions will also be processed by a gateway provider therefore will not be processed or stored into our servers.

Are we to use cookies?

Definitely, yes! Cookies are defined as small files which a site or the service provider would transfer into the hard drive of the computer through the web browser enabling the systems of the sites or the service provider to recognize your browser therefore remember and capture certain information as well.

Like in a case wherein we are to use cookies for us to remember as well as process the items into the shopping cart. They are as well used in order to help us in terms of understanding the preferences of our clients based on both the current and previous site activity wherein it would enable us to provide great and improved services. And also, cookies are used for us to compile aggregate data regarding the site interaction or site traffic in order for us to offer better tools and experiences as you deal with our site in the near future.

Apart from that, we also use cookies for us to keep track of the advertisements. You might choose to have your computer be warned once a cookie is being sent to you or you could choose to turn off all of the cookies as well. You could do this through the browser like the use of the browser settings like the Internet Explorer. Every browser might be a bit different from one another and so there is a need for you to look into the Help Menu of the browser in order to learn the proper way of modifying the use of cookies.

Third Party Disclosure

We are not into selling, trading or otherwise transferring to outside parties your PII or Personally Identifiable Information.

Third Party Links

On our own discretion, we might include or provide third party products or services into our site occasionally. The said third party sites would have separate as well as independent privacy policies. Therefore, it only means that we have no liability or responsibility for the activities and content of the said linked sites. We as well seek to protect the integrity of our site as well as welcome any of your feedbacks regarding these sites.


The advertising requirements of Google could be summed up by the Advertising Principles of Google. They would be stored in a certain place as to offer positive experience for the users.

Our Personal Guarantee

Reputation is indeed considered to be everything once you are to engage in an online gaming industry. If you don’t have any stellar reputation, you might not consider doing business with us and so we are also not to blame you even a single bit. We pride ourselves in terms of being upstanding online gaming portal. We are not to give out any of your provided information to those third parties unless we are into attempting to actively solve a dispute for you through our player advocacy channels. If not, the provided information will definitely be safe with us. Most players are to definitely value discretion and being players we definitely understand that. You are not to be spammed by us compared to our numbers of competitors. With that, we thank you for your business in this kind of industry!