Fastest Payout Sportsbooks

New federal banking laws have made it difficult to find which US sportsbooks have the fastest payouts. Most bettors are focused on getting their funds into the sportsbook they want to use. However, it is generally just as important to find a sportsbooks that processes withdrawals quickly.

Every year, there are sportsbooks withdrawal options that become obsolete, as well as improved withdrawal processes. This means bettors can find many sportsbooks that are now quicker than ever before.

It is important to choose a sportsbook that allows US bettors to withdraw their winnings. Chances are, a sportsbook will offer many different withdrawal methods but most of them can’t be used by those in the U.S. Any sportsbook can tell you which withdrawal methods they offer that you can use.

There is certain criteria you should be on the lookout for when considering sportsbooks. One of them is if there are any fees you will have to pay to withdraw your winnings. Certain withdrawal options often include fees you may not be aware of. It is also important to look out for limits placed on the amount you can withdraw. Most sportsbooks, including those that accept bettors from the U.S have withdrawal limitations in place.

How To Make Fast Money At Online Sports Betting Sites

There are two options for quickly winning money at online sports betting sites. They are Bitcoin payouts and Western Union payouts.

Sportsbook Payouts Using Bitcoins

Any USA based sportsbook will tell you that the quickest way to get your payouts is by using Bitcoins. The sportsbooks we recommend all allow Bitcoin payouts. The drawback is that Bitcoin payouts are generally only issued on weekdays. However, the good news is that Bitcoin payouts are generally processed within 12 hours after you request them.

The sportsbook will need your Bitcoin address in order to process your withdrawal. In addition, you can use other digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum and Litecoin at many sportsbooks and they pay out as quickly as standard Bitcoins would.

Sportsbooks often encourage bettors to use Western Union. In general, a wire transfer can be completed within five days of you requesting a payout. Aside from digital money, a wire transfer is the second quickest way to get your money.

When a sportsbook sends you your payout using a wire transfer it is easy to retrieve. You go to a Western Union center with your photo ID and they will give you the payout in cash.

Sportsbooks licensed by individual states are different. In the case, the best way to get your payout is to use an online casino associated with the sportsbook. You will then have more options for how to claim your winnings. The sportsbook you choose will be able to provide you with more information on how to do this.

Sportsbook Payout Types

Below is information on the various types of payouts sportsbooks offer. Each type we suggest is safe to use, and as a sports bettor in the U.S., you can trust each one of them.

Bitcoin Payouts

There are many benefits to using Bitcoins as your payout method for a sportsbook. The payouts are incredibly fast and you never have to pay fees for using Bitcoins. In addition, your personal information stays with you, as Bitcoins can be used anonymously.

Certain sportsbooks will only payout in Bitcoins. This helps them avoid the legal issues surrounding offering payouts any other way. There are many Bitcoin sportsbooks and every one that allows bettors from the U.S. pays out this way. Payouts are restricted to no less than $20 and no more than $10,000.

Mailed Check Payouts

With all the payout methods available the one most sportsbooks trust the most is a courier check. A payment processor delivers the check and most of the time requires the recipient to sign for it. After you request a payout by check you will get it two weeks later. However, there is generally a maximum of a $50 fee taken out before the check is issued.

Transfers Between Sportsbooks

If you use more than one sportsbook you may choose to transfer your balance from one to the other. You can only do this if the sportsbooks are associated with each other. Depending on the sportsbooks in question you may have to pay a fee to do this. It is not one of the more popular payout methods but does help you access your money faster.

Bank Wire Payouts

Sportsbooks will allow you to wire money directly from your account with them to your bank account. For large payouts, this is one of the better options open to bettors in the U.S. The majority of sportsbooks will allow you to transfer as much as $250,000 in winnings to your bank. While the time it takes for this money to show up varies, it is generally between five and 15 business days. Online sportsbooks and your bank will let you know about any fees you may have to pay for this method.

Wire Transfer/Western Union Payouts From Sportsbooks

Another way to get your payout is to have it transferred via Money Gram or Western Union. While these payments tend to be the fastest they also tend to be the most expensive. The fee you will have to pay will be between $26 and $50.

Prepaid Card Sportsbook Payouts

A debit prepaid card is also an excellent way to get your payout. Your sportsbook will deposit your winnings onto this card, which you can use to make purchases online or offline. You also have the option of going to an ATM and using the card to withdraw cash.

Many people that use sportsbooks prefer this method. It is always a fast and easy way to access your winnings. If you don’t want to use your own debit card you may be able to find a sportsbook that issues its own.

Debit Cards Payouts

Offshore sports betting sites do not allow payouts to be completed with debit cards. Federal banking laws make it difficult to allow U.S. banks to process a bettor’s sportsbook winnings to a debit card if the winnings are from a site that operates overseas. A bank wire payout is a better option to get your winnings placed in your bank account, but overall the fastest and more reliable sportsbook payout is via bitcoin cryptocurrency.