Online Betting FAQ

Online Betting FAQ

What sites are the best for sports betting?

It is recommended a players uses only sports betting sites with proven reliability and are listed on our site at Our extensive research and testing sorts out the wheat from the chaff as we only list the best quality sites who make it through our strict testing procedures.

How do I place a bet with online sports betting?

Just about every sports betting site has taken great pains to make placing a bet as easy as possible. After your account is set up and you’ve dropped some cash in it then you simply need to use the menu system to find a suitable bet, choose your stake, click submit, and you’re done.

What sports are available for betting online?

The easier question would be what sports aren’t you able to bet on? The big players will always have some action on the major sports such as baseball, soccer, horse racing, football, basketball, and tennis but if you look hard enough quite a few of the smaller sites have the less mainstream sports. So you’re pretty much covered with whatever sport you’re into.

What is the minimum amount I can bet online?

How much you can put on any one bet will depend on the site you are gambling on. There are also different limits applied to different games. Don’t worry though, as the minimum is usually quite small. You won’t have to put down more than you are comfortable with.

Can sports betting online make me money?

If you’re lucky and you have the skills then yes, absolutely, you can make some money from sports betting. We’re not saying it’s easy as you will need to play the long game and put some effort in if you want to come out in front. Spend some time finding decent bets where the odds are more in your favor and don’t go crazy.

Do I need to be a sports enthusiast to gamble with sports betting?

If you’re just looking to make a game with your favorite team a little more interesting, then no, you don’t really have to know a lot about sports. But if your goal is to win and stay in front then the more you learn the better your chances will be. A good recommendation is to limit your wagers to sports you are familiar with and follow regularly as you are more likely to pick a winner.

What is the largest amount I can bet with online sports betting?

As with the minimum bet, it will depend a lot on the site you are using. The maximum bets on most games would probably make most punters’ knees tremble. If you want even more action you will need to contact the customer service center and request an increase in your upper limits.

Why do the odds vary between online sports betting sites?

All sports betting sites make use of traders to work out their odds. Generally, the odds on offer come about because of the site’s opinion on the outcome, and the size of the pool (the amount of money they take for each bet). This is why it’s a great idea to open accounts at a number of sites, so you can shop around for the best odds.

What is live sports betting?

Live sports betting refers to betting taking place during a game which is already underway. You can watch the game to get a feel for where it’s going before you put down a bet.