Blackjack is among the most popular games that are played in casinos worldwide. It is a very old game and is still played with same excitement and enthusiasm by people who are finding of casino games. There was a time when people used to wait for the weekends to visit casino clubs and play blackjack but now times have changed completely. You can now play blackjack anytime and anywhere. Internet has provided gambling lovers with an opportunity to ply online anytime of the day or night. USA gambling is really popular and many people in USA are fond of playing casinos games both online and offline.

The advantages of playing blackjack online are manifold. You do not have to go out of your house and can play your favorite game anytime and anywhere. Before you start playing blackjack you should know the basics of the game. The bets in this game are placed after deal of every card beginning with the first card, which is dealt face down to players. One card is dealt at a time and the same is continued. The first card is dealt with its face down so that the players are unaware of which card the player has in his hand. The bet after the very first deal is the very effective at creating curiosity among the players as which card is in the hand of the dealer.

Here are some popular terms that are used in this game:

  1. Bust: It is a term used when the sum of all the cards is
    above 21, in such a case, the game is lost by the player.
  2. Hit: It is a term used when you wish to be dealt with
    another card. The players often say hit me to tell the dealer that they want
    another card to be dealt with after 2 initial cards are dealt.
  3. Stand: It is another term which is used when a player is
    satiated with the cards at their hand and do not wish to deal with any
    additional cards.
  4. Split: it is a term that occurs when both cards in the hands
    of the players are equal in value; the player at this time can call for a split
    and essentially plat 2 different blackjack hands using the 2 cards as the first
    cards in new hands.
  5. Double down: this blackjack terminology occurs when the
    payer doubles his wager, take a new card and stands
  6. Push: This term is used when the player and the dealer have
    same value at their hands and no one wins.
  7. Hole card: this term is used when dealers second hand is dealt
    with its face upwards, leaving the first card known as the hold card.

It is important to know the basics of the game and understand its basic rules before you start playing so that you are able to enjoy the game and win some great rewards too.