Online Bingo Sites

There are numerous bingo sites on the internet. With the explosion of poker and sports betting, it was inevitable that bingo would experience a similar growth. The boom in online bingo is great news for players. Since bingo is very competitive online, the players wield the power.

Hundreds of online bingo sites are fighting each other for your business which means you have the upper hand. You can be very selective if one site doesn’t satisfy your needs you can choose from the dozens of alternatives who will gladly take your business. With this in mind, we recommend going with the best online bingo sites and not with the ones that are simply “good enough”. The big names in the bingo market are the best option when you are choosing a site. There is a reason why they are the biggest. They give their customers what they want and they provide great customer service. They give out big jackpots, huge bonuses and games with lots of action.

The following are our top online bingo picks. Our selection is based on the numerous sites we have visited, tested and reviewed. It was challenging, but our selection has been narrowed down to bingo’s cream of the crop.

When we rate bingo room we use an all-around approach. Our ultimate goal is to provide safe and reputable sites for our visitors. It isn’t good business practice and even embarrassing to send people to sites that don’t host fair games or that fail to pay. Before we recommend a bingo site you can rest assured that we have done extensive research.

It might sound a bit paranoid but it is vital to research prior to picking a site. There has been an explosion of bingo sites in recent years. Your initial research might lead you to some bingo sites with outlandish names such as Biscuit Bingo and Big Brother Bingo. Although some of those names might be on the up and up, our recommendation is to go with the big established names.

The Two Kinds of Bingo Sites

All bingo sites are either a standalone or they operate as a spin-off of a bigger betting brand. For instance, Bovada Bingo is a spin-off of, but Downtown Bingo is a standalone. Whichever one you choose, the bingo experience is very similar; however, there are a few small advantages/disadvantages of the two types.

Generally, there are fewer players at standalone compared to the big brand spin-offs. These standalone bingo site only have bingo as their product plus they have to do all their own marketing. The brand exposure of the bigger sites naturally attracts more players and customers end up in the bingo room after they have been to other parts of the bigger site like the poker room.

Since they specialize only in bingo, standalone online bingo sites are better at a couple of things. Bingo is their product so they really focus on polishing that product. With these sites, there is usually more variety of games, more promotions that are bingo related as well as extra features that cater specifically to bingo players.

The “community’ aspect of standalone bingo sites is often larger. Newsletters, discussion forums, active chat rooms and player blogs are often integrated into standalone sites. You can build relationships with people you meet at these standalone sites.