Online Gambling FAQ

General Online Gambling FAQ

What is online gambling?

Defining online gambling is actually pretty simple; it’s using the internet to place online wagers or bets. It can take a number of forms including but not limited to: bingo, poker, casino games, and sports betting.

Is online gambling legal?

This is usually a question where the answer depends largely on where you live. Gambling laws are different for every country in the world. They can also change from state to state. In a few areas of the world the legality of online gambling is a grey area, so it always pays to check your local laws just in case.

How old do I need to be to gamble online?

This another question where the answer changes depending on where you live. In many countries the legal age requirement is 18, but in others it may be 21.

How do I get started with online gambling?

If you have internet access online gambling is as easy as visiting an online gambling site and signing up with an account. Once you have deposited some funds into your new account you are ready to rock. To keep yourself as safe as possible don’t forget to read up on all the recommended high quality sites over at

How do I fund my online gambling accounts?

To start placing bets or wagers you will need to have some funds in the account you created with the online gambling site. There are a number of options you can use to deposit money, but it will ultimately depend on the site as to what is available. Most sites will accept credit cards, e-wallet services, or bank transfers at a minimum.

Can my winnings from online gambling sites be taxed?

Different countries have varying laws when it comes to taxing winnings from online gambling sites. Always check with the local tax authority so you stay out of trouble.

How do I choose an online gambling site to use?

With the number of online gambling sites increasing all of the time it can be tough to decide on one to use. Ultimately, your preference will boil down to the type of online gambling you most enjoy and also what part of the world you live in. Our site,, has been set up to review and rank only the best and most reputable online gambling sites available today, with a full range of gambling categories. Choose a category and go through our lists to find one that looks appealing.

Do I need a windows PC to gamble online?

The simple answer is no as there are a number of sites that are not compatible with Windows but do work with other devices. Some sites favor Linux while others are exclusive to Apple Macintosh computers. Yet others can be accessed through an app on your mobile device or cell phone. Browse the following pages if you are looking for a site specific to the devices you use:

• Best Gambling for Mobile Devices
• Best Gambling sites for Linux
• Best Gambling sites for Macintosh

Can I have accounts at more than one gambling site?

Yes, you can gamble on as many different online gambling sites as you like. In fact, because sites focus on different aspects of online gambling it can be beneficial to have accounts at several different locations. You likely enjoy a variety of online gambling strategies which certain sites can’t deliver on, but others can. For instance, you might like to play casino games on one site but another site might excel at providing online sports betting options.

Is it safe to gamble online?

If you don’t stray from proven safe and reputable sites then yes, it is very safe to gamble online. Most industries have their fair share of shady dealers and online gambling is no different, but limiting yourself to sites that have proven their integrity will keep you out of trouble. Each site we list here is a site we would have no problems trusting with our own money.

Is online gambling addictive?

The quick answer is yes; it is possible that you could get addicted to online gambling – it can happen to anybody. The trick is to set your limits, stay sensible, and keep control of your gambling. Gambling is fun when it’s done responsibly but if you feel yourself becoming addicted to it then you should stop and seek help immediately.

How much money do I need to gamble online?

Just about every site sets minimum deposit amounts for accounts so you will need at least the stated amount before you can start gambling. Minimum deposits are usually small sums so you don’t need a lot to get started with online gambling. Just stick to the old rule of never betting more than you can afford to lose.

How long does it take to get my winnings and how do I do it?

Most gambling sites will have the same methods available for withdrawal which you used to deposit funds. Withdrawal submissions, or cash outs, are usually quick and painless to do but the time between the electronic transaction and you actually getting your hands on the money can vary between sites and the withdrawal option you choose.

Why does the gambling site need my personal information?

Generally, your personal details are required by law as laid down by the local regulatory body, but it’s also a matter of the site knowing they are dealing with a real person to prevent fraudulent activity.  There’s nothing to worry about if you use reputable sites as your information will be kept private and secure.

What are the bonuses and rewards at online gambling sites?

You will be hard pressed to find a site which doesn’t offer at least some kind of bonus or reward to encourage new signups and reward loyal customers. There are a huge number of bonus and reward formats, with most of them adding excellent value and making your gambling dollar go a lot further.

Are gambling systems a good idea?

Gambling systems have been around for about a microsecond less than gambling itself, with many people claiming that theirs is the one and only if you want to walk away with a win. However, the reality is that if systems worked then everyone would be a winner and the house would always be broke, and therefore non-existent.

What do I do if I lose my password or username or both?

Most login pages at gambling sites will have a link you can use if you forget your password or username. The most common method is for the gambling site to send an email to your registered address with information on how you can change your login information. To prevent fraud there will usually be a security system in place to verify that you are the owner of that account.

What should I do if I need to lodge a complaint about an online gambling site?

The best place to start the complaint process is with the gambling site itself. You should at least give them a chance to resolve the issue. In fact, the majority of quality sites out there have first rate and fair customer service centers for resolving disputes and complaints. On the off chance you want to take your complaint further you should contact the regulatory body responsible for issuing the licenses for that particular gambling site.