Sport Bet Types

Betting on NFL Football regular season games. Learn the process how to place a wager online, which online sportsbook to choose and which deposit method to choose from are few informative key options you will find on this website.

Total Bets:

These are perhaps the best bets for a beginner to get involved with as they are simple to understand. Total bets involve putting on a wager that the total points for a game will be greater or lesser than a particular number. Betting the Spread: There are two types of betting which can be used in a betting the spread wager; Bettors can wager that the favorite team will win by a previously decided on number of points. The other option is to bet on the underdogs, with a wager on how many points they will either win or lose by.

NFL Parlay Bets:

Sport parlay bets can be quite complex so they are not recommended for the beginning punter. A sport bettor will choose a variety of teams who they think have a chance of winning a game over a weekend. Once all the teams are chosen, a bet is placed on all of the teams together. When all the teams win the bettor will reap the rewards. Anywhere from two to fifteen teams can be picked, with the more complicated bets obviously having a much bigger payout.

Money Line Bets:

These are also simple bets to make so they are great for newcomers. The bets boil down to either a win or lose by any amount. You can increase your winnings by betting on the underdog with greater odds than the initial bet. The favorite team will usually attract a lower price than the initial bet. This is where the odds calculator can come in handy, to help you increase your understanding of the odds involved. Bettors from around the world are scoring big with USA sports, NFL football, and College football by using one or more of these combinations of bets. American betting enthusiasts should also get in on the action by visiting Bovada Sportsbook or BetOnline Sportsbook. These are by far the fairest, safest, and most honest ways to get in on American sports betting.