Super Bowl Squares

Super Bowl Squares

Super Bowl 57 will be played at home of the Arizona Cardinals on February 12th, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona.

Undoubtedly the biggest game of the NFL season and arguably one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the sporting calendar across the world. Many that watch it tend to like to have a gamble on the outcome, with betting squares a very popular method.

The Super Bowl Squares is a long-lasting tradition for those at home or at work, as well as the pizza and beer that gets consumed during the event. The game can be used to increase the excitement of the event itself for the participants watching and could even raise money for charities, depending on how the wagers are used.

Playing Super Bowl Squares

Not everyone understands how the game works, however, it is fairly simple to play and follow, requiring just a board to place wagers on.

The board consists of a grid of 100 squares in total, with a row of ten going down (y-axis) and a row of ten going across (x-axis). The numbers 0-9 should be placed above the grid along the top, as each number occupies a specific column, whilst the same should be done with the rows. After the rows and columns have been numbered, it is important to name your axises with one of the teams competing, so for example, the Patriots on the x-axis and the Eagles on the y-axis.

Super Bowl 57 Squares
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Selling Squares

Once the board has been completed, it is time to start “selling” the squares as wagers, with a set cost per square. The cost can be anything as desired, but for ease, an example could be $1 per square, making the overall grid worth $100.

The host will determine the cost of each square and is usually low as it is a game that is considered to be played in a friendly contest. There is no limit on how many squares can be purchased by one person, which would normally happen when there is not a huge amount of people competing.

At the end of the Super Bowl, the final score is what’s used for players to determine the winner, with the final numbers of each score being used. For example, if the score finished 14-7 to the Patriots, the player who selected the square of 4 in the x-axis and 7 in the y-axis would be the winner.


A simple strategy that can be followed to help someone win some money would be to look at past Super Bowl scores and pick the numbers that pop up most commonly.

For example, some common scores to have been produced are 27-24, 24-17, 20-17, 17-14, and 13-10. The end digits, which are what are important in the game of squares, of 0,3,4, and 7 appear a number of times so they could give a player an increased chance of winning.

Different ways to play the game

There are plenty of ways to play this simple game and could have more than one person profiting from the game, with the scores from each quarter also being used. A traditional method of splitting the winning pot for this type of game would be to split the pot into fifths and at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters, the winner would take a fifth of the total, whilst the person who correctly predicts the final score takes home two-fifths.