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You probably landed on this webpage because you live in the UK and are making bets at online casinos. Betting online in the UK has been made very simple than to the legalization of gambling by the UK government when they passed The Gambling Act of 2005. The online gambling legislation is clear and the vast majorities of online casinos are eager to have customers from the UK.

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Are Online Casinos Legal?
For those who live in The UK, the answer is yes! In fact, in The UK, online gambling is totally legal. One of the few countries on earth to deal with online gambling in a proper manner is The United Kingdom. The rules for the residents are very clear. Canada, The USA and other countries have not clarified their laws with respect to gambling online.

The Gambling Act of 2005 is the legislation that regulates online gambling. The UK Gambling Commission is a result of this legislation and this organization regulates online gambling in the UK. Any online gambling websites that cater to residents of the UK have to be approved by The UK Gambling Commission. Unless the UK Gambling Commission approves a site, it cannot provide gambling services to the residents of the UK.

You don’t have to work about the legal matters if you live in the UK, you just need to focus on finding an online casino that is ideal for your purposes. The list of trusted online casinos in the UK we outlined above gladly accepts players from the UK. This list is a great place to start your search for your perfect online casino.

Is Online Gambling Legal in the UK?
Even though we aren’t lawyers and this info is for entertainment purposes only, it is our opinion that it is legal to gamble online in the UK. Players shouldn’t hesitate to sign-up with any sportsbook, casino, or card room that will take you on as a customer and there shouldn’t be any fear of prosecution by the government.

The Gambling Act 2005
This is when the UK Parliament passed this major legislation into law and was created to extend all kinds of gambling. The Gambling Commission followed and the ability of the magistrates’ courts to license the various kinds of gambling was removed.

When it came to online gambling in the UK, this law was the first effort to control the industry. The newly established Gambling Commission was handed the duties of licensing and governing internet gaming procedures, in addition to levying penalties and in some cases actually revoking licenses. Initially, the Isle of Man, a whitelisted jurisdiction was exempted from being required to get a license.

There was also a definition of remote gambling. As per the legislation, it relates to any kind of gambling where the gambler makes use of a remote method of communication like radio, TV, phone, or internet.
Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act 2014

This legislation was created to compliment the Gambling Act 2005. If a UK online gambling service included equipment or gambling facilities that were remote, that service would need a license, even if they were previously on the white list. This was one of the major updates in the Gambling Act. Also added was a 15% tax on gross profits if the bets were placed in the UK. As a result, many virtual casinos folded, while others launched court cases.

Advertising was another major component of the new legislation. The new rules stated that a site could only promote ads to UK residents once the Gambling Commission granted a license. Marketing materials related to gambling could not include young people (16 to 17 years old) or children (under 15 years old).

Casinos have to be transparent about the requirements for betting and withdrawing when advertising free bets and bonuses. When using pop-up banners, the details have to be only one click away and it has to be clearly labeled.