Super Bowl 54

The Superbowl is the highest level of American football and is a widely anticipated event in the United States. The upcoming Superbowl 54 will be held on February 2nd, 2020, in south Florida home  of the Miami Dolphins. Each Superbowl game makes use of Roman numerals for the identification of each game, instead of the year it is held. The game was actually invented to serve as a merger between the two previous rivals, the American Football League, and the National Football League.

Each leagues’ champion teams were agreed upon to play in an AFL-NFL World Championship Game until the merger began in 1970, after which the leagues were renamed as conferences. Following this, the games were played consisting of the conference champion teams.

2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 Vegas Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs
    San Francisco 49ers
  • -110

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Today, the day which the Superbowl is held is considered a national American holiday. It is referred to as Superbowl Sunday, and is actually the second largest day in America for food consumption next to Thanksgiving. On Superbowl Sundays, it is tradition between family and friends to gather and watch the games while eating and drinking. Additionally, the Superbowl is the most widely watched television event in America each year.

The high viewership of the Superbowl makes the commercial airtime also one of the most expensive during the year. Companies hold up their commercials and wait for the season in order to invest the production and designs of their advertisements specifically so that they can be aired during the commercials of the Superbowl.