NFL Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro-Bowl games merge the champion teams from both the AFC and the NFC. In 2019, the games will be held in Orlando just one week before the Superbowl. This will be the third time Pro Bowl will be held at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

The game is purely all-star and doesn’t have the intense battles that occur during the NFL. The Pro-Bowl game rules are changed, such as the prohibition of rushing on kicks, limited blitzing, and others. These are done to prevent injury in part of the players. Superbowl participants are also not allowed to participate in the NFL Pro-Bowl because of its close proximity to the game.

The 2019 Pro Bowl game is the only game that has a schedule. However, for future games, there is a possibility that the NFL will continue organizing it in the same format, or could also return to its original location in Honolulu.

For players to get into the Pro Bowl, they are voted in by the coaches, fans, as well as players themselves. There are ballots which count for a third of the votes, and the voting for fans occurs at the NFL website. In the event that any chosen player is unable to play the game because of injuries, replacements are also included in the Pro Bowl players. There are certain qualifications a player must meet in order to participate, which include being one of the players chosen to a team, or if he accepts the game as an alternate or replacement. Those who decline to attend, even invited alternates, are not considered Pro Bowl players. Being able to play in the Pro Bowl is a badge of honor for any football player, as they are then considered to be elite players.