Blacklisted Gambling Sites

Blacklisted Gambling Sites as Scandals and Scams

Engineering and technical glitches are inevitable. Servers need regular maintenance and therefore need to be taken offline on occasion. It is common practice for rogue gambling sites to delay payments, or even cheat players out of their dues altogether. This is also true for affiliates who may be owed a commission for bringing in new clientele. For this reason, players are actively encouraged to only gamble at a secure and trusted online site in order to avoid being ripped off by these shifty operators.

The Cereus network was involved in a few high profile cases involving two prominent poker rooms which were eventually blacklisted. Also, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet both had allegations brought against them for super users accused of manipulating the system and cheating. The Justice Department also got involved when it became apparent that players had failed to receive the balances they were owed. These horror stories are common fare for some of the lowest forms of fraudulent online gambling sites.

A few badly ran new gambling sites have also found their way onto blacklists as well, though it’s tough to say whether they were just seriously mismanaged, or actively involved in swindling players out of their money. Revolution Gaming, to use one example, ran afoul of the Lock Poker Affiliate Program. They refused to honor player promotion, and laid down terms on certain player promotions that were considered unrealistic. This brought accusations from affiliates who labeled them as thieving predators who were taking advantage of the system.

Most of the worst offenders were eventually shut down, with a few like Pokers DNA being taken over by squatters after closing. A few Game Tech solutions such as Dukes Palace were just closed down altogether. With these dubious operators now out of the picture the world of online gambling is a somewhat safer place, but players are always encouraged to do their due diligence before signing up and funding an account. Our approved gambling sites can make that task a lot easier. Below are some blacklisted gambling sites we recommend you stay away from.