Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Bitcoin Gambling Sites

If you are interested about signing up with various bitcoin gambling sites, make sure you read this article first. After a spike in Bitcoin value in December 2013 that saw it go over $1,000 the coin declined all the way to $180’s and since than there has been nothing able to stop the currency to run up. With all that being said there has been fever pitch interest in this alternative currency.

An increasing number of people around the world are paying close attention to this currency. If it is for the ability to make purchases online anonymously or for investment purposes, people are now realizing that Bitcoins are more than a passing tech fad. Only time will tell if the year 2018 was just a pullback year or if the bitcoin is in the bear market. For those who are interested in buying Bitcoins, but are unsure about how to buy the currency, it is important to know the 3 options for buying Bitcoins or view the latest bitcoin gambling guide to get familiarize with this new crypto-currency.

bitcoin gambling sites

How to make a purchase on the Bitcoin Exchange

A Bitcoin exchange is one of the most popular ways to buy Bitcoins. There are currently several Bitcoins exchanges in business all over the world, which makes it much more convenient for investors to buy the digital currency.  Some practices vary among the exchanges, but the following steps have to be observed.

1.    Start out by transferring funds in your local currency. A big advantage of Bitcoins is that there is no affiliation to a particular central bank or government currency.
2.    There is a waiting period for the funds to clear once you have made the transfer from your local currency. The time to clear differs among the various exchanges.
3.    You will be able to exchange your funds for Bitcoins when your money has cleared. Note that Bitcoins value fluctuates and that value can increase or decrease within a single day.
4.    Once you have bought your bitcoins, you will need a Bitcoin wallet to keep your coins safe and secure. You will need to set up a Bitcoin wallet if you don’t have one already.

Trading for Bitcoins

Another way to get Bitcoins is to trade locally with other Bitcoin users. With the increased popularity of Bitcoins, more and more people are willing to use the digital currency when bartering. Some websites allow payment using Bitcoins and there are online classifieds that also accept Bitcoins. Some people will actually sell you Bitcoins for cash.

Instant Bitcoin Purchases

Bitcoin enthusiasts in the US can now use Coinbase to buy Bitcoins with funds directly from their bank account, without the need for exchange currencies. You can even set up regular purchases of a specific amount of Bitcoins weekly. This is an ideal option for those who intend to make investments. Once your identity is verified, there is a 30-day waiting period to comply with regulatory requirements.
Furthermore, Bitcoin ATMs, while not widespread yet, are popping up in a few locations.  The Bitcoin ATM makes it possible to buy Bitcoins directly without having to go through an intermediary online, like an exchange. A coffee shop in Vancouver was the first Bitcoin ATM location and there are plans to open a second one in Hong Kong fairly soon. Plans are already in the works to open additional Bitcoin ATMs in other parts of Canada. At the time of this writing, there are no Bitcoin ATMs operating in the U.S. due to their regulations, but that might change soon.

Ways to Keep Your Bitcoins Secure

If you are thinking about buying Bitcoins or investing in another digital currency, you have to be able to keep your funds secure. Bitcoins, because of their digital nature, are not stored like a regular currency. This is due to the fact that Bitcoins, unlike a regular currency, are not tied to a particular government’s central banking system. Users are not technically obligated to have their Bitcoins stored. Due to their explosion in popularity, Bitcoins have become more than a digital currency, now they can be used in a similar manner as cash. As a result, it is important for Bitcoin users to keep their funds secure.

A Bitcoin wallet is an answer to this problem.  With Bitcoin wallets, users can now store the private keys needed to access the Bitcoin address required to make purchases. Users can open one or multiple Bitcoin wallets if they want more security. The wallet providers have grown significantly as the digital currency has exploded in popularity. There are many options for Bitcoin wallets available today and the one you choose will depend on the type of device you want to keep your wallet on. The 3 main kinds of wallets available are mobile, web and desktop.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are the most convenient to use, especially if you want access to your Bitcoin wallet when you are on the go. An increasing number of brick and mortar stores are now accepting Bitcoins. The mobile wallet is an app that runs on your phone or digital device and this allows you to buy items directly from your phone using Bitcoins.

Web Wallets

Web-based wallets have private keys to your Bitcoin address that are secured online. Here again, there are many online options available. You now have the option to link your Bitcoin wallet to your desktop or mobile device. The main benefit of having a web wallet is that it is accessible from anywhere and from any mobile device.

Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallets come in many different forms. There are advanced security options available with desktops that are not available on the other kinds of wallets. This option is ideal if you plan on saving your bitcoins for the long-term. Just like with any other online storage solution, desktop Bitcoin wallets have a range in their security and user friendliness. Some desktop wallets are made specifically to accommodate advanced security features, while others don’t.

As you can guess, there are numerous wallet options available today. Some are basic and are primarily focused on easily sending and receiving digital currency. Some wallets have advanced features that give the user more power and additional features like doing custom transactions. The ease of use, security and advanced features will vary widely from one Bitcoin wallet provider to the next. Therefore, you have to do your homework when shopping for a Bitcoin wallet provider. That way you can make an educated and informed decision.