Online Poker FAQ

Online Poker FAQ

What are the best online poker sites?

Find a poker site which uses software you are comfortable with and has the range of games you like to play the most.

What’s the difference between tournaments and cash games?

Poker cash games are played for real money, which is yours if you win the pot. With tournament games players buy in with real money and in return they get poker chips to an equivalent value. When a player loses all of their chips they are eliminated from the game. The last player left in then becomes the winner. The larger share of prize money goes to the winner and the runners up get a smaller cut.

What is rake?

This is how a poker site makes their money. The house (poker site) gets a small percentage of every pot, plus they also charge a nominal fee for buy-ins to each tournament. Live poker rooms operate under the same principle, but rakes for online poker games are usually a lot cheaper.

What poker game should I play?

This is completely up to you. Pick a game that you like the most, or one that you are good at it (they are usually the same). Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular online poker game but there are plenty of other sites offering other variations such as 7 card stud and Omaha.

Can I make money from playing online poker?

Yes, you can. There are skilled poker players all over the world who are making quite a bit of money through online poker games. Poker is essentially a game of skill so studying up on it and practicing will increase your chances of regularly beating your opponents, and keeping you in profit.

How do I know cards are dealt randomly at online poker games?

This all comes down to trust that the games are being run fairly at your favorite poker site. Make sure you use only reputable poker sites who have an excellent reputation – see our recommendations for some good ones. There’s not really any advantage to poker sites cheating at their online games as they wouldn’t last very long.

Can online poker be played for free?

Just about every online poker site has a friendly game going where you can hone your craft against other real players for chips. As there is no money involved they are a great risk free way to learn the game. Many poker sites also offer freeroll tournaments. These are free to enter but there is a small prize at the end with real cash value. Granted, it’s a very small prize and you are up against a lot of opponents, so the chances are small that you will win. However, it’s also another free option for learning the game and having some fun on the way.

How do bonuses work in online poker?

There are a number of different ways a poker bonus can work but the most common type is the deposit bonus; the amount usually depends on how large a deposit you make. These are usually offered on sign-ups for new customers, but there are also reload bonuses to keep existing customers satisfied and coming back for more action as well.