Deposit Options

Deposit Options

Deposit Options

Due to the current surging popularity of online gambling sites there has been the inevitable growth of third party services promising to make gambling a safer and more reliable avenue for entertainment. Many of these services include deposit options gateways that allow a secure avenue for gamblers to fund their money with secure transactions. Identity fraud is often of great concern for people needing to make online financial transactions.

Once a few transactions have been conducted online however, you begin to realize that is as safe an avenue as any other form of deposit options, providing there are the prerequisite security protocols in place. First time customers are often perplexed by the sheer number of options open to them. This article intends to clear the water and help online bettors find a payment avenue that is comfortable and secure for them.

Gambling Sites with High Deposit Success Rate

WilliamHill – (for residents outside of the US only) – A++ security rating. Take all forms of deposit.
BetOnline – Amex and Visa, bankwire, Moneygram, and WU all accepted. We have them rated with a security rating of A.
Bovada – (previously known as Bodog and for USA residents only) – Rated as A++ for security (15 Visa Processing systems available)

American Bettors
The recent legislation put in place by the newly formed UIGEA has made online gambling for American citizens a somewhat challenging endeavour. Despite this, it is still possible to find reputable services for Americans wishing to gamble online.

A popular system enabling Americans to gamble online is the ewallet system going by the name of eWalletXpress. Gamblers deposit money into their eWalletXpress account which can then be used to transfer money into their favorite online sportsbook.  This method has become very popular for circumventing legislation put in place by the UIGEA. There are also a small number of sites still accepting MasterCard and Visa payment options for US gambling sites. US citizens should also consider other services such as Money Transfers, or one of the many other ewallet services like eWalletXpress and Neteller.

Deposit Options

Recommended Deposit Options

1.  E-Wallets – Ewallets are by the far one of the best deposit options available for a variety of reasons. The stand out reason for using them is the level of anonymity they provide for depositors. Essentially they are a third party providing an avenue for transferring funds to any betting site who accept them as a service.  Using an ewallet means your transaction records are one step removed from the bank statement as they will show a transaction to the ewallet rather than to the gambling site.

The second biggest reason to use ewallets is that they often have a large range of funding options for depositing money into your account. Most people use credit cards for simplicity, but there are also transfers by wire and echeck options. The ewallet essentially increases the number of deposit options open to you.  Some of the more popular ewallet services available are eWalletXpress, Moneybookers, and Click2Pay – all of these are open to residents in the US.  Gamblers residing outside of US jurisdiction have the option of using the popular Neteller service.

Deposit Options

2. Credit Cards – Along with every other payment system at times, credit cards come with their own set of occasional safety issues. Here are a few suggestions to take into consideration when using a credit card for depositing funds into a gambling site.

  • Deposit only on secure websites. You will know a website is secure if you can see a little padlock icon (usually displayed in the lower right corner of the browser). These will always appear on secure pages involving the transfer of sensitive data such as a financial transaction. In the case of a gambling site this will most probably be only displayed on the ‘cashier’ page.
  • Always be wary of who you give your financial details out to. If you receive a call from someone claiming to work for the betting site asking for credit card details, you will need to inform them that you will call back. Hang up and then dial the number for the customer service line displayed on the website. Calling known customers of betting sites and asking for credit card details under the pretense of being an employee is what is called a ‘phishing scam’.  Sensitive information should never be given out over the phone, unless you have verified who you are talking to.

3. Wire Transfers – Use caution and due diligence when dealing with wire services. Direct wire transfers are relatively safe, but some gamblers find the flat fees to be a bit on the high side. Western Union have a made a name for themselves as being a good option due to the fact that they don’t charge an account keeping fee, or an activation fee. They also have an excellent 24 hour customer service should you encounter any problems – and it’s available in most languages.

4. Paper Checks – Paper checks are typically the slowest method of transferring money, so they are not often used.  They are quite easy and secure to use, as you simply post the cheque and wait for the funds to show up in your account. It does usually take a week so most bettors will use the faster methods via ewallets and credit cards.